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                                                                                                           PRESS RELEASE


          March, 17                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Samara, Calgary, Geneva


 AeroVolga and FlightSimple Inc. are proud to announce the signing of the first Borey Amphibious aircraft Dealer on the North American Continent.

AeroVolga and FlightSimple Inc. were planning to announce the signing of this Contract during Sun’n Fun, Aerospace Expo on April 1st. With the fears over the current world situation, we believe the flying community needs some “good news”. The rescheduling of Sun’n Fun until May 5th has prompted us to publish our news now and proceed with this announcement without any further delay.

 AeroVolga and FlightSimple and their partners have committed to attending Sun’n Fun May 5-10! We hope to see everyone at the rescheduled date and look forward to showing the public what a remarkable aircraft the Borey is!

Canadian aircraft sales firm, FlightSimple Inc. (operating as FlightSimple Aircraft Sales), has joined AeroVolga to provide Canadian pilots with a versatile new aircraft in the Canadian market, the Borey amphibian produced by AeroVolga.

The appeal of the Borey was immediately recognized by FlightSimple’s President, Michael Wilton, during his recent initial test flight, stating “The Borey is appealing in so many ways. With the amazing versatility of an amphibian, roomy cabin, latest avionics and comfortable yet solid flying feel, it is a great all around aircraft. With AeroVolga having proven its reliability by flying the Borey in harsh conditions, around the Polar Circle, this plane is clearly well built and rugged. I am very impressed and happy to support such a wonderful aircraft and help bring it to the Canadian market!”


Upload link of photos and videos for the Press  https://www.flickr.com/gp/187443636@N07/WF0038




AeroVolga Scientific Production Union (SPU) located in Samara, Russia is a Limited Liability Company founded in 2002. The first prototype of the aircraft manufactured, the LA-8 twin engine eight-seat amphibious aircraft, made its inaugural flight in 2004. The first pre-production deliveries of the LA-8 aircraft began in 2010, and to date 15 aircraft have been produced. In 2016, the aircraft received a type certificate. LA-8 subsequent models will include piston and turbine engines.

 AeroVolga’s complex has a total area of 550,000 m2: which includes two runways (concrete and grass), industrial infrastructure, manufacturing facility and auxiliary buildings of 5,500 m2. AeroVolga SPU has a staff of approximately 100 skilled professionals throughout several divisions, which include: design, production, maintenance and continued airworthiness.

The company received the Quality System Certificate ISO 9001: 2008 in relation to the design, production and operation of helicopters and other aircraft.

 Leveraging AeroVolga’s extensive experience and manufacturing capability, the design of a two-seat amphibious aircraft was initiated. After extensive work by the entire AeroVolga team, in 2016 the Borey first prototype was flown, with first deliveries to customers commencing in the summer of 2018. By today AeroVolga has produced more than 15 aircrafts, with deliveries to Canada, Russia, and Germany.

 The company is in the final stages of certification of the Borey aircraft model UL in Germany, under aviation rules LTF-UL 2019, with German certification for MTOW 650 kg expected for May 2020. The Borey is compliant with AULA -TP10141 design standards and requirements, and has been listed as an eligible Advanced Ultra-Light Aeroplane by Transport Canada since January 2019.


Aéronautique Design & Service Bureau (ADSB) located in Geneva, Switzerland is the worldwide distributor of AeroVolga products.  


 Borey’s  achievements:

 In the summer of 2018, three AeroVolga aircraft, one Borey model L accompanied by two LA-8s, performed a flight around the world along the Polar Circle over the territories of eight countries. These were: Russia, USA, Canada, Greenland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Finland and back to Russia. The trip took 43 days, the aircraft flew more than 20,000 km over land, seas and oceans without failure or incident. This further demonstrates the reputation of AeroVolga products as strong and reliable aircraft, able to operate in the most demanding environments.

 Do not hesitate to come see this amazing aircraft at Sun’N Fun in May 2020!



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