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Delta Aerospace Group (Malaysia) is Now The Regional Distributor and Support Center for AeroVolga “LA8” and “Borey” Aircraft in the ASEAN Region


Delta Aerospace Group (Malaysia) is Now The Regional Distributor and Support Center for AeroVolga “LA8” and “Borey” Aircraft  in the ASEAN Region

    Delta Aerospace Group (Malaysia) and AeroVolga have entered into Partnership for the ASEAN region.

    The ASEAN region is one of the most promising regions in the world for the development of a modern water-based aviation industry. The growth in demand for modern seaplanes in this region is facilitated by the rapid development of international tourism and geographical and topographical features, which result in critical need for light amphibian aircrafts. Seaplanes are also an effective and economical means of transport for maritime search and rescue, reconnaissance and surveillance operations as well as cargo operations and medical support for remote locations and low-altitude environmental survey and monitoring. 

    An additional factor stimulating interest in seaplanes is the growing activities and goals of the ASEAN countries for the development of national aviation industries. Malaysia is one of the leaders in this area and Delta Aerospace Group’s activities will add to the growth of the ASEAN aviation industry.

    Delta Aerospace Group will be working in the following countries - Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Papua New Guinea and Bougainville for the aircrafts AeroVolga LA8 and AeroVolga Borey.

    The twin-engine 8-seater amphibian aircraft AeroVolga LA8 is designed to operate in all latitudes and climatic zones, both fresh and salt water. The aircraft’s landing gear allows operating from paved and unpaved runways; enabling operations from established airports into remote airstrips and water landing locations, and vice versa. This amphibian aircraft is a perfect partner for all professional missions requiring freight or passenger payloads transporting to a much greater range of locations as compared to a “land locked” aircraft. 

    The 2-seater AeroVolga Borey amphibian aircraft is intended for lighter duties such as basic patrol and survey, educational and training facilities with the additional benefit of amphibious operations and will allow very economical tourist and entertaining flights over land and water under rules of visual flight. It is an ideal instrument for pilot training and leisure and expands the possible location of those operations to both land and water facilities.

    In addition to aircraft distribution and support services, Delta Aerospace Group also provides a wide spectrum of aviation support from aircraft consultancy, brokerage services to flight training courses, to streamline project management on the aircraft asset tracking and evaluation services. 

    AeroVolga Scientific Production Union (SPU) is a Limited Liability Company founded in 2002. The first aircraft manufactured, the AeroVolga LA8 twin engine eightseat amphibious aircraft, made its inaugural flight in 2004. In collaboration with Delta Aerospace Group, AeroVolga SPU is now intending to develop the aircraft further in line with current market and industry developments and changes, building on what is currently a very capable and proven aircraft.

    AeroVolga is working in accordance with the Quality System Certificate ISO 9001: 2008 (GOST ISO 9001-2011) in relation to the design, production, operation of aircraft, helicopters and other aircrafts. Delta Aerospace Group is embarking on a program of both local and international approvals in line with and to compliment and strengthen the capabilities of the partnership between the two companies.

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