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Crew showed courage and aircraft rescued crew

Scientific-production association (NPO) «AeroVolga» (Krasniy Yar village, Samara region) is a manufacturer of modern amphibious aircraft LA-8 for 7 passengers. Flight range is 4000 km, cruise speed is 250 km/h.

In accordance with contract which was concluded with company “Rimos Ltd” in December, 2011, “AeroVolga” is delivering 5 aircrafts in four different versions fo

r operation in Persian Gulf countries during 2012-2013.

In the beginning of July two aircrafts have been delivered to customer and one more aircraft has been passed for technical acceptance and is waiting for shipment, the other two aircrafts are on the assembly now.Information about the incident:

According to preliminary information in Bandar Anzali the crew of three people employed by aircraft-owner of the aircraft was taking off from water in cramped conditions: width of water body 200 m, steep coast and side wind 3-6 m/s.

After reaching of taking off speed the crew noticed a floating obstacle to the right which was crossing the take-off path of the aircraft, and made the only right decision to turn to the left. The crew had no time to reduce the speed, left the fairway and hit submerged rocks at speed about 100 km/h. The aircraft was stranded to the shore.

One crew member injured his leg during evacuation. The two others did not suffer.

The fuselage of the aircraft was damaged and two floats were lost. However despite of these failures main systems of the aircraft are in good conditions and during next two-three weeks the aircraft will be repaired by “AeroVolga” specialists.

Investigation into the accident will be conducted by commission with participating of AeroVolga’s representative.

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