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Hi-tech Aviation LLC became a dealer for sales of AeroVolga Borey seaplane in Poland


Hi-tech Aviation LLC became a dealer for sales of AeroVolga Borey seaplane in Poland

Hi-tech Aviation LLC (Poland) and Aéronautique Design & Service Bureau SA (Switzerland), a global distributor of AeroVolga's products, have entered into a dealer agreement, according to which Hi-tech Aviation is committed to promoting Borey seaplanes in Poland.

Poland today is a promising market for general aviation. The country's general aviation fleet has grown by 41% in the six years since 2014. Today, there are more than 3.5 thousand GA aircraft in Poland. During this period, the number of ultralights and non-EASA-certified aircraft increased by a third.

Hi-tech Aviation is a young, fast-growing company in the aviation market. Until recently, it was engaged in the sale of Dynali H3 ultralight helicopters (Belgium), ZongShen aircraft engines (China), and related aviation products. Today, its activities extend to water industry aviation.

The Dynali H3 is the only helicopter included in the "Qualified Type List" maintained by the Polish Civil Aviation Authority in the K4 ultralight category. Hi-tech Aviation organise training for the UAGP ultralight helicopter pilot qualification certificate.

Hi-tech Aviation also provides aviation services in the areas of familiarization, sightseeing, patrol flights, monitoring of power grids and pipelines. Very often, familiarization flights take place over one of the Vistulathe largest rivers in Europe.

With the advent of the Borey seaplanes in Poland, such excursions can be accompanied by a splashdown on the Vistula and numerous lakes that are accessible to seaplanes in Poland. The company also plans to organize training for seaplane pilots.

The two-seater amphibious aircraft AeroVolga Borey is the ideal tool for pilot training and leisure.

Using the extensive experience and production capabilities of Aero Volga, in 2016, the design of a two-seater ultralight amphibious aircraft began. In the same year, the Borey made its maiden flight, and the first deliveries to customers began in the summer of 2018. In the summer of 2018, three AeroVolga aircraft, one Borey, accompanied by two LA-8s, made a round-the-world flight in the Arctic Circle over the territories of eight countries: Russia, the USA, Canada, Greenland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Finland and Russia. The flight took 43 days, the plane flew over 20,000 km without failures or accidents over land, seas and oceans.

In January 2019, Transport Canada, AARD, listed the Borey A (MTOW 560 kg) as an Advanced Ultralight under Canadian TP10141. AeroVolga is currently in the final certification stage of an UL Borey (MTOW 650 kg) aircraft in Germany in accordance with the LTFL-UL 2018 aviation regulations. AeroVolga plans to apply for Borey certification in the US FAA LSA category this year.

A total of 30 Borey aircraft have been manufactured to date, 11 sold, including eight in six months from December 2020 and four in May this year. Despite the pandemic that is hampering aviation development, Borey's progress is accelerating.

Research and Production Association AeroVolga is a limited liability company founded in 2002. The first aircraft designed and manufactured by the company a twin-engine eight-seat amphibious aircraft AeroVolga LA8 made its first flight in 2004.

AeroVolga operates in accordance with the Quality System Certificate ISO 9001: 2008 (GOST ISO 9001-2011) in the design, production and operation of aircraft, helicopters and other aircraft.

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